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    The Benefits Of Role-Playing Games

    When you first heard about role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, you probably thought it was lame, something that kids play to pass the time. Little did you know that these games actually cause the rush of adrenaline and will probably cause you to get completely into the game no matter the consequences. Not only does role-playing games make you enjoy and make you have fun, but they will actually teach you a lot and will make you develop great skills that you will use throughout your lifetime.   Games have been known to increase the cognitive abilities of toddlers and kids alike. That is why games should be introduced to kids at a young age; they have also been known to better the development of the brain. When I first actually heard about role-playing games, I actually thought it was indeed something which was for nerds, but then one of my friends actually made me play a role-playing game and then I realized that I was hooked. I wanted to play more and more, and my friend started teasing me, but I did not care about it. All that mattered was that I had fun. I felt good imagining that I was battling a dragon or a goblin. The whole premise is based on the fact that you can pretend to be a character in the game, and you can go on adventures that will cause a lot of thrilling feelings within you. That is the point of all of the role-playing activities. Here is a list of some benefits of that role-playing can have on a person. -    Playing role-playing games has been known to increase the creativity in a person. Creativity is actually the bread and butter of a person who play role-playing games. They have some qualities which will allow you to transcend some game interactions. There are indeed some rules of the game which are merely the skeleton of the story of the game which you will have to follow and that will indeed make the players of the game, creative in a controlled way. -    Storytelling has been known to be one of the most powerful ways to actually develop and activate the powerful parts of the brain. Role-playing games always help the players of the game and the narrator as well. Role-playing games have been known to have a narrator, the one who will carry the game, how it is. -    Playing role-playing games has been known to increase your social skills, as you will have to play with other people. You will have to play with people, and that will indeed make you become friends with people. -    These games have been known to encourage teamwork as well as cooperation....

  • Xbox one video game logo close up macro shot.

    Facts About Video Games

    The invention of video games led to the creation of many related technologies and equipment. However, the high level of innovation that has been brought forth is a testament to the games’ popularity among its players. The following are some of the amazing facts about......

  • Cheeful involved girl playing video games

    Role Playing Games

    The success of Role Playing Games is undeniable. There are numerous facets that make a person adopt them as a hobby. However, before you can explore all these aspects thoroughly, one must first identify what makes it tick. I would say, that Role Playing Games......

  • View from the top on Xbox one s gamepad, game console, kid holding in his hands. Blurred background view and gaming concept. 2018 Fifa World Cup concept design

    Sports Video Games For Children

    Football and soccer are the most popular forms of video games. Today, video game companies are not limited to producing first-person shooting games for men. Sports video games also have become a major part of the worldwide entertainment industry. The basic goal of sports video......

  • Young gamer playing video game wearing headphone.

    Take Your Gaming Experience to a New Level With Latest New Video Games

    New video games are becoming very popular. They are designed to be played on your TV. The technology behind these new games is amazing. They can handle high-resolution graphics, realistic sound effects and the like. With the release of the new console, the newest generation......

  • Top Role Playing Games of All Time

    Gamers have always been surprised by gaming companies with legendary games over the decades. The RPGs have always offered the gamers with open-world fantasies which had dragons and wizards, and they have never stopped talking about it. Although there are many role-playing games in the world, there are only a few, which have still remained favourite to the gamers. Here are the top five RPGs which caught people’s attention from the very beginning for enthralling open world and legendary characters.

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Since it was original release in 2011, Skyrim became one of the favourites of gamers with its spectacular storyline and a massive open world. You play the character of an ancient hero who is capable of absorbing the souls of dragons to unleash mystical powers that were considered a legend. It has a very long storyline which can take hours to finish, but the game has a single save file which allows gamers to save anywhere they like. All the legendary gamers have had their share of this entertaining mystic game. The game has the capability to lead you on epic adventures and at the same time bore you to a level that you will never return to this land.  

    Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third part of the Dragon Age franchise. The game is not much of a graphically immersing experience for a gamer, but the storyline can hook you for hours. You play the game as several characters who go for quests together and have their own storyline which you have to play to uncover. Each one has special powers which get upgraded as the story progresses. If you have played the previous parts of Dragon Age, then you get to understand the story a little better than others.

    Yakuza 0

    If your parents only allow an hour for playing games, your first experience with Yakuza is going to be frustrating. It has one of the longest intros that you can find in video games. It is like watching a full episode of a T.V. show before sitting to play. After the intro, it is the retro Tokyo based open world with detailed rendering. The storyline has its own charm throughout the experience. Yakuza 0 is a dramatic gangsta game which is also informative about Japan at the same time.

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Dark Souls is a dense and dark action RPG, which has been remastered for feeding the souls of gamers. The new gamers who seek more challenging boss fights should get their hands on this edition of Dark Souls. It also offers a vast and unique fantasy setting so you can customize your world as well. The storyline goes many ways unravelling the secrets of the world unknown to those who have never entered this RPG.  

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    You play Witcher Geralt who does not give a damn about anyone else but surprisingly ends up saving them at the end of the game. He is the robin hood of his world but has a more dramatic, risky story. The game is engaging and looks amazing with side quests and along with the main story.  ...

  • Keyboard, mouse and joystick on violet table background.

    Types of Video Games That Students Learn

    Video games are still the most popular way to pass the time and it is not going to stop being popular any time soon. There are millions of people who play games online all over the world, or simply go to arcades to play these......

  • Gamepads on the table and TV on the background

    Video Games Marketing

    Video games are the ultimate game-centric tool. The market for video games has recently emerged as a big player in the world of entertainment. So much so that the advertising of games and gaming gear have become mainstream, although the effectiveness of marketing to the......

  • A pc gamer

    What is the best Internet speed for gaming?

    The base web speed for gaming with most present day consoles and PCs run from 3 Mbps (megabits every second) to 6 Mbps. Be that as it may, in the event that you need a progressively consistent video gaming knowledge with beside no slack, you’ll......

  • Why Role Playing games (RPG) are so popular?

    While multiplayer games are played all the time by gamers and streamers to compete with each other, the RP genre still holds a special spot in people’s hearts because it is played for much more than just competing. It is mostly a one time playing experience, but it is exciting enough to make one glued to their seat for a long-long time. So why does RPG enthralls the attention of gamers despite being non competitive against real time players?

    The Storyline

    What makes an RPG exciting is the story which leads you in an immersive experience, you cannot possibly stop playing the character until you complete the whole game. The story has adventures, mysteries, and magic which brings the wildest imagination of gamers into life. Finishing a legendary story gives gamers a sense of achievement and great fantasy experience.


    The music in the roleplaying games is another reason which gets the attention of the gamers. Epic characters with a difficult but adventurous journey only need one more thing, which is good orchestral music. If someone is a fan of music in movies like LOTR or James Bond, then they will be surprised by the music they hear in RPGs.

    Progress and Upgrades

    Another thrilling quality of RPGs is that the characters never settle down with the powers. As the game progresses, they keep upgrading their gear and equipment. They also learn different techniques and gain knowledge of magic. By the time the gamer reaches the final moments of the game, he is already godly with powers. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment, as they started with minimum experience knowing that the epic powers were just a myth until they discover it within their character.  

    Team Work

    Many RPGs allow gamers to play together in teams. A squad of friends can play the game and go on adventures together to save the world. This makes the games even more interactive and fun. Each player can play a character in the game with unique powers and help others in finishing the tasks. This makes the gamers to connect in their social lives better.

    Saving the day

    Gamers are meant to do justice to the world and overcoming the evil. Gamers spend hours playing characters with a true hero heart who fights evil. Although some games also offer you to choose good and evil using interactive gameplay, gamers have been noted to pick good most of the time. Saving the world brings the feeling of being heroic, even if it is just a fantasy world.

    Bonds with the characters

    Gamers develop a bond with the characters because of their storyline and their struggle. The advestures gives gamers a sense of connection between them and the characters. Ususally there are multiple characters to choose from which lets gamers choose a character based on their personality. They have always been huge fans of the characters, and one can actually witness their craze for the most famous characters in Cosplays....

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