Desterium | Why Role Playing games (RPG) are so popular?
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Why Role Playing games (RPG) are so popular?

Why Role Playing games (RPG) are so popular?

While multiplayer games are played all the time by gamers and streamers to compete with each other, the RP genre still holds a special spot in people’s hearts because it is played for much more than just competing. It is mostly a one time playing experience, but it is exciting enough to make one glued to their seat for a long-long time. So why does RPG enthralls the attention of gamers despite being non competitive against real time players?

The Storyline

What makes an RPG exciting is the story which leads you in an immersive experience, you cannot possibly stop playing the character until you complete the whole game. The story has adventures, mysteries, and magic which brings the wildest imagination of gamers into life. Finishing a legendary story gives gamers a sense of achievement and great fantasy experience.


The music in the roleplaying games is another reason which gets the attention of the gamers. Epic characters with a difficult but adventurous journey only need one more thing, which is good orchestral music. If someone is a fan of music in movies like LOTR or James Bond, then they will be surprised by the music they hear in RPGs.

Progress and Upgrades

Another thrilling quality of RPGs is that the characters never settle down with the powers. As the game progresses, they keep upgrading their gear and equipment. They also learn different techniques and gain knowledge of magic. By the time the gamer reaches the final moments of the game, he is already godly with powers. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment, as they started with minimum experience knowing that the epic powers were just a myth until they discover it within their character.


Team Work

Many RPGs allow gamers to play together in teams. A squad of friends can play the game and go on adventures together to save the world. This makes the games even more interactive and fun. Each player can play a character in the game with unique powers and help others in finishing the tasks. This makes the gamers to connect in their social lives better.

Saving the day

Gamers are meant to do justice to the world and overcoming the evil. Gamers spend hours playing characters with a true hero heart who fights evil. Although some games also offer you to choose good and evil using interactive gameplay, gamers have been noted to pick good most of the time. Saving the world brings the feeling of being heroic, even if it is just a fantasy world.

Bonds with the characters

Gamers develop a bond with the characters because of their storyline and their struggle. The advestures gives gamers a sense of connection between them and the characters. Ususally there are multiple characters to choose from which lets gamers choose a character based on their personality. They have always been huge fans of the characters, and one can actually witness their craze for the most famous characters in Cosplays.

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